Thursday, April 23, 2009

As predicted by thousands (I was one of them) the billionth download from Apple's app store has been reached this week, just about an hour ago (it's about midnight the 23rd in Central Europe right now). Upon reaching the magic mark Apple promptly stopped displaying the counter and showed us this display shown here of the news about reaching the magic Billion number. Now then! Are we to believe them or was it a stunt of monumental dimensions. Somebody reported 2 days ago that if you faked your PC's date to show the 24th of April (tomorrow), then the Apple site would show you the page you see above in the capture... implying that the whole countdown was a mega-bogus. I doubt this is true...big time! That would mean that Apple's web server would otherwise download a scripted counter page that'd first check your PC's system date, and based on that it would resend the final page you see on the capture shown here. What else? People are so stupid to believe that a giant company like Apple with $29B in cash and approaching $40B annual turnover (non-GAAP) would risk cheating the public on an occasion like this?!?! Holy Moses! There are so many nuts walking around in the streets nowadays that it doesn't surprise me at all to read BS like this!

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